​​​​​​ - The Suboxone Lie - Article 3​

​                -Corporate America's Prescription for Millennials​-

Suboxone - Great American Opium Dynasty VI—The Evil Empire’s apparent spokesperson, Barack Obama, recently gave a Presidential Speech in which he again demonizes the old miracle addiction cures to opiates (Heroin & Oxycontin), and ushers in Washington, Pharma, and Wall Street's next synthetic Opium Dynasty, Buprenorphine, the active ingredient in Suboxone, the new miracle opiate medicine. I have seen for myself that Buprenorphine is the most vile and addictive synthetic Opium that technology has ever conceived.

America is again poising to shove a synthetic Opium (Suboxone) down our throats as "The New Miracle Cure For Addiction," just as Pharma, Washington, and Wall Street have done for two hundred years. After the President and his cronies blow the air horn to kick off the Suboxone Rush, followed by a Suboxone testimonial, Sanjay Gupta and President Obama admit exactly how they ushered in the Oxycontin Dynasty. Which is nearly word-for-word how the video began, by pitching Suboxone....So not to be bored out of one's skull skip to... 

 —12:20 for Suboxone product placement testimonial from a young lady who is steered by Gupta as Obama looks on. The fellow in the glasses seems to be wording the words she has been programmed to say, as she speaks them in a shaky voice. He is making ventriloquist mouth - LOL

[Note: The young lady in the President's Suboxone infomercial is lying, people do get high on Suboxone! In fact, people are injecting ithere is a kid on a forum getting some tips on how to mainline Suboxone. These accounts aren't rare; they are allover the internet!]

 —1:05:10 for needle exchange

 —48:11 Oxycontin scam admission by Suboxone pitchmen Gupta & Obama; and...

 —19:58 to hear President boast about this disastrous "shift" since it's the end of his "final year in office"): Obama's Suboxone "shift" Infomercial. At the end of the video Obama brags about strong-arming insurance companies into paying for long-term Suboxone maintenance with an act of Congress - the same way the Oxycontin Dynasty began.

In case you don't have time for the speech link above (you really should pain yourself with the whole thing), here is a list of things Suboxone Spokesperson in the video, Barack Obama, puts into place to "shift" since his second "term is over":

Have more than 540,000 health care providers complete opioid prescriber training in the next two years - Shift to Suboxone - the new opioid
Double the number of physicians certified to prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone) for opioid use disorder treatment, from 30,000 to 60,000 over the next three years; MORE SUBOXONE DEALERS!
Double the number of providers that prescribe naloxone—a drug that can reverse an opioid overdose -  AKA - PULP FICTION OD KIT
Double the number of healthcare providers registered with their State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs in the next two years

Clean needle program - A MORPHIA-TYPE SYRINGE TO DELIVER THE NEW "ANTI-ADDICTIVE" OPIATE, SUBOXONE! Click here for citation link

 One BILLION dollars in taxpayer money for Gupta's pals in the drug rehabilitation industry​

In this speech, President Obama again hands the Junkie a needle and Wall Street's new medicine, Suboxone, with which to load it. The President also passes the Junkie what I like to call, the 'Pulp Fiction First Aid Kit,' Narcan. (Narcan is the drug which brings an OD victim back to life after an OD has occurred. IF YOU HAVEN'T, WATCH PULP FICTION!)  

Obama's speech will once again, without compassion, fade the heat on the pain management industry, and herd their chemical zombies into the bloody mouths of waiting raptors, the peddlers of the new, multiplying opiate poisons in disguise—Suboxone and the many generics which are gathering in her shadows.

Note: instead of looking for real solutions, we are expanding the government's dope and recovery game.

Technology is a hell of a thing! Suboxone keeps the Junkie even more addicted to opiates, forcing us to line the halls of the medical empire while giving the patient and the doctor the illusion that he or she has quit using their opiates. But, Suboxone still causes those unwanted doctor-side-effects, such as: robbing pharmacies—& cold, dead human beings with dried foam trailing from the corners of their mouths—a thing which used to jeopardize the Empire of Evil.

What's most disturbing is the fact that most toxicology reports don't even test for Suboxone after an OD. A thing which used to jeopardize the Evil Empire’s activities but now most of those junkies' deaths just go unnoticed; the industry of evil is a carefully staged fiasco, and the journey back to reality is a winding road of cryptic riddles.

List of Miracle Opiate "Addiction Cures" Turned Pain Medicine in the US
(After Opium Each Dynasty Was The Cure For The Last Pain Medicine)

I - The Great Opium Dynasty

II - The Great Morphine & Sharp Dynasty
III - The Great Heroin Dynasty
IV - The Great Methadone Dynasty

V - The Great Oxycontin Dynasty
                                                        And Now!
VI - The Great Buprenorphine Dynasty

DEA's Own Fact Sheet on Buprenorphine (the addictive Opiate in Suboxone):

"buprenorphine is potent (30 to 50 times the analgesic potency of morphine), has a long duration of action, and does not need to be injected. The buprenorphine products under development are sublingual tablets. Unlike the other treatment drugs, buprenorphine produces far less respiratory depression and is thought to be safer in overdose. Buprenorphine is currently available in the United States as an injectable Schedule III narcotic analgesic (Buprenex®) for human and veterinary use." (DEA Link - second drug down.)

Am I the only one who finds it disturbing that Suboxone, designed as an "injectable opiate painkiller" which is "30 - 50  TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN MORPHINE(by DEA's own admission), is a Schedule III drug, according to the DEA? And morphine,Oxycontin, and even opium are Schedule III. Remember, morphine was America's first 'cure for addiction.'​

Suboxone Baby Killing Sword Candy

I think it's quite fitting that the creators of Suboxone thought it would be cute to design an imprint of a British sword, on the reverse side of the tablets, since this is the form in which the technology of confusion has allowed slavery and oppression to settle in our American times. The British sword's wide swath reached every remote corner of our globe. Opium was spread by the sword as well. And....Suboxone too is wielded by a British Company - the British Sword Candy is equally as impossible from which to escape.

Here is a young man crying out for help with an inescapable Suboxone addiction; in this article posted on TheFix.com, the reporter contacts RB to ask why there is no protocol with which to discontinue the use of the maintenance opioid, Suboxone. Google 'Suboxone Hell' and see what pops up. No matter how you translate the sword imagery, the universal underlying meaning of the sword’s very symbolism, is to show dominance over weaker people, a very brazen display of power for an industry which has gone so long unchecked.

When Suboxone's patent recently expired, a legal battle reminiscent of the Opium Wars of yesteryear took place between Pharma-corporations in the courts of America, wasting all of our hard earned tax dollars in the name of profit for more oppression of us American citizens.  RB tried every greasy trick they could muster to illegally maintain their already-extended patent for Suboxone, but the generics won the court battle in the end.​
If you’re not already sick at your stomach, here is the legal offense which RB used to demonize their own poison when its patent expired: Only after RB began offering the all-new Suboxone Strip, which now melts under their slaves’ tongues instead of a tablet (its new mask), they reportedly cited that their old form of Suboxone, Suboxone tablets, were too easy for toddlers to mistake as candy because of its “packaging” (Pharmarisc.com).

Suboxone claimed that it’s very own Sword Candy tablets caused overdoses and death of small children, due to Suboxone’s personal admission to the packaging oversight (NationalPainReport.com). But...only after the patent for Suboxone was running out, and the generic drug vendors were circling their ice-cream trucks.  Suboxone had substantial evidence of the baby killing since they themselves were accused of killing many babies with their old, pill-type formula for Suboxone. It was a pathetic attempt to demonize their very own Sword Candy, from which RB themselves profited so handsomely (for so many years), in order to thin their new competition.

Personally, I view Suboxone’s baby killer, legal business strategy offense to be Suboxone’s personal admission of guilt for killing those babies. The Baby Killer Offense failed and many generic Suboxones (wearing their new masks and having new names) flooded the market. The timing of Obama's Opium Dynasty changing of the guard speech seems to coincide perfectly with the chemical gold rush that is currently taking place as the drug manufacturers duke it out for their share of this nefarious new addition to Opium's list of names which we can't pronounce.

Never fear, you can bet that the vultures are already working on the next generation of the cure for the little omnipotent Sword Candy for us American slaves to satiate our monster appetites for synthetic opium.

There are families of those babies out there right now, whom I would assume are under gag order, who sat on the other side of the table while Suboxone’s makers aggressively denied they were responsible for the events which caused those mothers’ babies to die, which ultimately spawned Suboxone’s new legal-monopoly-strategy.  The upside to this legal loss; you may ask?  When the demonization of Suboxone’s very creation, Suboxone, failed, they said screw it, and just kept selling their omnipotent, baby-killing sword candy.  Wait, I recognize that sound; you just threw up in your mouth, didn’t you?

Here is an interesting factoid: Reckitt Benckiser is so ashamed of their evil product, Suboxone, that they don’t even claim the miracle opioid drug among their list of products on wikipedia.com, or their corporate website, or anywhere else for that matter.  (If you do click either of those links, you will also notice that RB doesn't sell a single pharmaceutical product; it's ALL baby poison.)  Why is this notable you may ask?  Because, according to, Pharmarisc.com, Suboxone accounts for “21% of RB’s operating profits” which is normally a good selling point for a publicly traded company.  RB is so secretive of Suboxone that even financial analysts can't figure out how they are so successful.  

Suboxone Chemical Gold Rush On Wall Street
Modern technology has allowed the entire world to bet on these baby killing monsters who participate in the modern Opiate Wars, in the dirtiest Calcutta man has ever seen. Watch the news though, because RB’s patent for Suboxone, one of their most profitable secret products, has expired. You might wanna catch the financial cycle of this shell-game. That’s right, I'm giving you a stock tip, so listen carefully! Now, you too can cash in on the American Opiate Madness.

You too can now profit from the misery, slavery, death, and oppression of others—in fact, you’re probably already a legal American drug dealer now and don’t even know it. It could be silently stashed in your 401k, or other financial funds. Reckitt Benckiser, is the company who pushes the poison, Suboxone, so businesses like RB are about to explode since the roof is again beginning to collapse on the medical industry’s burning building.  Profits from, “Addiction Drugs,” (and illegal heroin) are about to skyrocket.

This article shows how Suboxone, and the new generic providers plan on “aggressively” recouping their market-shares with all of the new Sword Candyies' more-confusing names and disguises (note: Purdue, the makers of Oxycontin, are getting in on this action too; now they offer the disease and the antidote). These monsters are salivating at the opportunity to, "grow this market."  One of these new Gen-X Sword Candies even offer an all-new, mint-flavored version of the poison! Here is a website for a group calling themselves the National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment who do us the favor of providing a detailed timeline of the monsters wearing their new packages, forming in the shadows of RB's "wonder drug."

The NAABT is the group of doctors who the US Government mob has given the shoulder tap, and are preparing for the next phase of this great clandestine changing of the Opium guard; it serves as a sort of Craig's List where the patients can easily meet the government approved dealers of the new Opiums in disguise. If you bore yourself with reading the patent which begins the timeline you will see that, Buprenorphine, the miracle part of this drug was invented and patented as an "opioid pain reliever."

The Feds raided Suboxone’s offices in 2013 over sketchy business practices, only because those practices were made public in a November article in the New York Times (NewYorkTimes.com). If you read this article, it will cause a world of wonder as to how they got the President Of The United States to endorse their product. You do the math! I’m sure that NYT article made some of the Evil Empire’s loyal subjects a huge bonus in the way of hush money, because it never caused a single ripple in Suboxone's steady stream of Sword Candy.

America's New Opium — Suboxone Summary​
After yesteryears’ opiate-based addiction medications run their course, Pharma and Washington simply rotate yesteryear’s more-addictive answer to addiction back into our medicine cabinet as an even-more-addictive, opiate pain medicine. Pharma then invents your very next wildly addictive "miracle cure." This evil cycle has been repeated with Opium, Morphine, Heroin, Methadone, Oxycontin, and, now Suboxone is already being touted and prescribed as a "painkiller" (SuboxoneCalifornia.com).

Reckitt Benckiser shareholders have been contesting their Chief's pay for years; I am sure most of the shareholders don't even know RB even sells the poison, Suboxone. In this Bloomberg article, RB is being criticized for paying it's evil leader Rakesh Kapoor a whopping 33.6 million dollars for 2015 alone (note: the writer of the article doesn't know RB makes Suboxone either). There is only one major setback, however; one of their products, a humidifier sanitizer, has been causing South Koreans to drop dead, and RB has been allegedly misleading Australian consumers concerning a pain tablet, Nurofen, which RB offers.

“How would such an enormous pay be acceptable when a product his company made killed numerous children and left indelible wounds on the minds and bodies of others who managed to survive?”
Kang Chang Ho
                          (head of a Seoul-based association for families affected by the sanitizers)

Despite these setbacks, i.e., mounting body count and continued practices of deceit, RB's reported profits mysteriously continue to rise.

One of RB’s catchy, heartwarming business tag-lines is, 'Brands That Touch People’s Lives.' I think the marketing crew deserves an atta-boy or girl—they nailed that one. It’s a hell of a business model, and it’s quite hush-hush too, which is what you should look for in a good stock tip. So, there you go, follow these trends and go bet the Pharm!​

Parting Thoughts
The disgusting fact of the matter is….America's Opiate Madness is driven by Wall Street AND Washington, giving the medical industry a monopoly on the age-old opium trade. Their business is ruthlessly, internationally guarded by the might of the American Military; all of the other Federal Agencies turn a blind eye to the matters for money. Here is Geraldo Rivera, interviewing an American Soldier who has been tasked with guarding a field of Opium Poppy in Afghanistan (Pharma needs these flowers to make Suboxone and every other opiate).

93% of the world's Heroin and legal painkillers come from these fields, and our hard earned tax-money is going toward the protection of them? One well-placed napalm campaign would obliterate illegal opiates, but that is not what this 'war' is about.

Legal painkillers’ antithesis, the old cure for opium addiction, Heroin, now tops the DEAs highly-misleading Schedule I (illegal drug) charts. Sadly, the one-hundred percent, all-natural overnight root bark cure which saved my life remains illegal, listed right beneath Heroin alphabetically. Schedule I implies that a drug is dangerously addictive, with a high probability of abuse, and having no medical value. Again, why does that sound familiar?

Wall Street's miracle pain killer AND addiction cure, Suboxone, is so hard from which to withdraw, that you first much switch back to Heroin, or Oxy, for three-to-four weeks before being treated with the natural, African root bark which I used to get clean overnight. Ibogaine providers won't even attempt to treat you if you are addicted to Sword Candy because the risk of death or complications is so high. They prefer that you transfer to Heroin, since it is less-addictive yet than Oxy. Here is an out-take from one of the African Root Bark treatment provider's websites which is indicative of the miserably addictive quality of Suboxone:

"In the real world — when a patient is unable to make the switch to short-acting opioids prior to arriving at ***** *** *********** ibogaine treatment clinic in Cancún, successfully detoxing from buprenorphine can take between 10 days to over 2 weeks of time. Prior to receiving ibogaine detox therapy, we need to switch you to short-acting opiates, stabilize on SAO’s, and then administer multiple doses of ibogaine as required, with several days downtime between booster doses."​

 Note: This facility in Mexico won't even treat a Suboxone patient who is taking the 8mg version of the poison (Forum Discussing Topic).

So, it’s true, Morphine and Heroin set the table for subsequent opiates such as Methadone, Oxycontin, and now Suboxone goes on the list of dress-up Opium to enjoy stunning, and lucrative acting careers as anti-addiction medications, when they themselves are the most addictive opiates technology could offer their eras.

The table on which the shell game is played just has become far more-cluttered, the name of the same poisons change, and there are many more thugs on their payrolls. So many, in fact, that the Evil Empire has now become a critical cornerstone of the American economy; we are indeed financially addicted to the cyclical: Great American Opium Dynasties of the corporate modern era, and the death, destruction and jail time in their wake. Experts have estimated the damage to be as high as a quarter-trillion dollars per year, for the damage caused by this manmade scourge.

If you read my book, The Windows Of Reality (the story about my journey which coincides with this essay) you will learn about some of the evils of the new Miracle Addiction Drug which is once again becoming your new pain killer medicine. Here we go again! Suboxone is already being hailed as the next great pain medicine. However, this time they won't need a miracle addiction cure, because Suboxone is now being prescribed as a "Longterm Pain Reliever" (SuboxonePrescribedForPain). They've finally sold the powers that be on offering the public a dead-end pain medicine. Again, Suboxone is not treatable with Ibogaine which saved my life!

We must also stop blurring the lines between medicine and poison, and get Wall Street and Washington out of our medicine cabinets. Drug dealers should be highly regulated vendors of accurate information, drug education & clean legal drugs—medical providers should provide accurate information & lifesaving medical care, and both should be condemned quite harshly if they don't! We have proven for two hundred years now that we cannot be both; we certainly couldn't do a worse job making decisions for ourselves than what these clowns have proven capable of making for us during the last two centuries that FDR and all the rest of his relatives who have held the highest office in the land (they are ALL related).

My research didn't stop here. You won't believe what I found....My studies led me to The Order of Skull and Bones, and revealed their secrets; it revealed the secrets of the Freemasons, and revealed the ways of the clandestine Knights Templar (and the identity of their 'Holy' Grail). The book connected all of the aforementioned groups to the Vikings; it unveiled the killer of JFK; unravelled the UFO and alien hoax; and fingered the elite Skull and Bones families who invented this 'disease' of opiate addiction, its many bunk cures, and much, much more! Join me as we solve some of the greatest enigmas of mankind. For a free sample of the book 'Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals,' click HERE!

Whether you believe it or not, I risked everything in my life to pass you this message, and I had no reason to. After all, I got back from Tijuana without a single soul knowing I left (which was my goal). But I couldn't keep this secret to myself. It cost me three years of my life, a hellacious neck and back ache (from writing 12-20 hours a day, 7 days a week), all of my savings (and then some), my reputation, and several relationships. And none of them needed to know. But, you know what? YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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