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                             The Truth About America's 'Drug Problem'






Opium Dynasty II'll make things easy…Just in case you didn't already know: All opiates, or opioids, make up the painkiller family. Of which, are derived from, or are synthesized versions of the natural toxin, opium. Yes, the opium which is derived from the opium poppy flower—it's that simple. Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Opana, Percocet, Percodan, Hydrocodone, Vicodin, Dilaudid, Codeine, Morphine, Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, Tramadol, Hydromorphone, Darvocet, Lortab, Fentanyl, Buprenorphine, Desomorphine, Russian Krokodil, and all of the other poison that we can barely pronounce...are all the same thing.

We don’t have time for a dissertation on them, but during the Opium Wars, the Opium Lords of yesteryear forced this disease upon the entire world (and later, America)....President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s grandfather, Warren Delano, made his grandson, 'FDR,' filthy rich with the proceeds of his opium dynasty. It could be argued that FDR's presidency itself is produce of the Opium trade (TheNewYorkTimes.com ). (Nearly every Ivy League school was founded by these dope dealers.) In early America, The Great American Opium Dynasty is where the opiate circus all began.

Morphine (Hitler's Shiny New Ovens) - Opium Dynasty IIOpium use had "grown out of control," so old-school Pharma introduced Morphine as the "non-addictive" cure to the opium epidemic. By the way, this is also when the medical industry passed a 'sharp' to the junkie. A ground-breaking new invention came upon the medical market, the hypodermic needle. The "miracle drug, Morphine," was sent home with the opium-addicted patients, pre-loaded in syringes to allow for the self-treatment.

The all-new syringe delivery system was said to eliminate the painful withdrawal, known to be associated with Opium discontinuation. The syringe was one of the very first anti-addictive inventions. The syringe was designed specifically for the delivery of Morphia; an early version of Morphine with yet another name (Link). Morphine was the very first Methadone-type, opiate maintenance drug. Morphine was the spark of chemical inspiration which initially caused this whole laboratory-hatched 'American' 'disease.'

Heroin - Opium Dynasty IIIGather ‘round, ladies and gentleman...and step right up!  I give you: the "Miracle Anti-Addiction Drug—Heroin." The miracle answer to addiction has arrived! Ah, yes….Heroin, was sold by Bayer (and, yes, Bayer Aspirin, Bayer) who first aggressively advertised Heroin as the "miracle treatment" for the Morphine hangover from the American Civil War.


But the Opium Poppy flower is to whom we also owe the firstand second forms of chemical, clinical relief for this 'disease'—yes sir—Heroin was also a Methadone-type opiate maintenance drug. Bayer promised that their snake oil (Heroin) would offer a painless release from Morphine. Sound familiar? Listen to the ugly whispers from the past:


"In November 1898. Dreser (Bayer chemist) presented Heroin to the Congress of German Naturalists and Physicians, claiming it was ten times more effective as a cough medicine than codeine but had only a tenth of its toxic effects. It was also more effective than morphine as a painkiller. “It was safe. It wasn’t habit-forming.” In short, Dreser claimed it was a wonder drug." Out-take from the following: TheHeroinCure

Heroin lost its medical luster as a "Non-addictive Wonder Drug for the treatment of Morphine addiction" around a century ago, after mobs of Heroin 'Junkies' began stumbling around the East Coast like zombies. The 'Junkie' Zombies collected junk metal to support their habits, hence the label, 'Junkie.' The public cried out for an end to the manmade plague. Heroin was then demonized by the medical industry and accepted by the US as the very cause of the epidemic, when Heroin was in fact Bayer’s profitable non-addictive solution for America’s Morphine habit.  

Methadone - Opium Dynasty IV
After World War II, the number of Junkies addicted to America's miracle addiction drug, Heroin, had again spiraled out of control. The East Coast was once more flooded with Junkie Zombies. In New York City, the average age of death came to the Heroin user at the tender age of 29.


Along with our war plunder came a recipe for a drug called Methadone which had been born in a German lab in 1939. Methadone's popularity as a painkiller grew some, but was never broadly used due to its side-effects; Methadone was found to cause extreme Nausea and overdose. (Even Hitler wouldn't use this poison on his own people!) Despite these known dangers, America adopted Germany's reject opiate as the cure to Heroin addiction, which spawned the Methadone clinics of Methadone's Opium Dynasty (Narcanon.com).

Oxycontin - Opium Dynasty VAre you ready for this one? In the mid-nineties, Oxycontin, the Opium which led me down the rabbit hole, was also glorified as being the next 'non-ddictive,' miracle cure for addiction.


It's makers, Purdue, released a paper undermining this most-powerful drug's powerfully-addictive nature. Purdue then hired an army of doctors, government scum, and ill-informed drug-peddlers who wined, dined, and paid the doctors to spread the lies which kicked off the Oxycontin wave of 'non-addictive' opiates. Oxycontin's only active ingredient is Oxycodone - the same Opium which had been in Percocet for decades (TheWeek.com).


The Oxycontin formula for Opium is still offered in the US today. I'm calling it, "Atomic Percocet!" Your doctor and the crooks at the FDA & DEA, somehow missed THE ONLY ACTIVE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE IN BOTH OF THESE DRUGS:






Oxycontin's new patented "ER packaging" allowed Purdue to provide its customers with sixteen-times the amount of the exact same active ingredient in Percocet (Oxycodone). That's right, Oxycontin was just a giant Percocet after the 'Junkie' easily removed this candy's outer "wrapper!"  Purdue patented its "time release packaging" for the poison. Purdue then implied that this "packaging" made the drug "non-addictive." After which, Washington's crooked politicians, and their evil servants at the FDA, rubber-stamped the paperwork...and the Oxycontin Dynasty was off to the races.


Purdue cornered the Opium market, and single-handedly quadrupled the opium consumption in the United States. As a consequence to their corruption and greed, Purdue also quadrupled the mortality rate for these evil drugs. How did this one get past....EVERYONE?!

Oxycontin fun fact 1: It took an act of congress (back in the 90's) to legalize the long-term pain management strategies which made Purdue's dope-pushing campaign such a raging success.


Oxycontin fun fact 2: The Sackler family who privately owns 100% of Purdue Pharma, the company which offers Oxycontin, joined the Forbes List of Richest People - 2015.​ The Sacklers are now worth an estimated FOURTEEN BILLION DOLLARS! Purdue Pharma has declared 35 billion in profit from Oxycontin.

Oxycontin fun fact 3 - a quote: "They (Arthur Sackler) are literally in the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame – there is such a thing. The way these Psychiatrists made it into the 'Medical Advertising Hall of Fame' is that they were the first brothers, group or company that passed $100 million [in sales] for one drug, and that was Valium” (Quote Location). Can you believe that there is a "Medical Advertising Halll of Fame" for chemically enslaving and killing Americans?

Oxycontin fun fact 4 - After years of legal discourse, the Sackler Brothers were found guilty of this American Chemical Genocide. They were court-ordered to pay $600 million in fines ($470 million of which went back to the crooked American agencies who helped enable their success). This was but a tranche of the blood-money generated by their evil scam - NONE of which went to the families who have been (and are still) being devastated by their manmade American plague. They still offer the same-exact poison today in a slightly different 'wrapper.'

The Sackler Brothers crossed this major milestone for the DSM, pain management clinics, crooked PCP's, and television drug-peddlers, by famously inventing a slew of "disorders" for the use of Valium. (Supporting Article) ("Medical Advertising Hall of Fame," scroll down to the last picture for Arthur Sackler.) Now, there are Television ad campaigns that capture Billions! These drug-pushing, slow-motion TV ads are legal in every country but New Zealand, where it was illegal until 81'.


Fun fact: The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) even listed homosexuality as a 'disorder' until 1973.


But how did this happen? well...
Nixon and Reagan, two members of the abominable Bohemian Grove (where they sacrifice children "in effigy" by burning them alive, and worship a giant idol of a stone owl), declared the so-called "War on Drugs." Next to the picture of 'Lilith' the stone owl, you can see the two Presidents taking in a good presidential chuckle (perhaps they are laughing at all of the Americans they are planning on murdering with pharmaceuticals?). Notice Newt, who was just crammed into that 'Outsider' (Donald Trump's) Presidential Cabinet, at Bohemian Grove (above)! Along with many more of George 'Dubya' Bush's satanic retreads.​ Buckle your seat belts ladies and gentlemen. Here the Evil Bushes can be seen at the same Pagan, human-sacrificial celebration. Hmmm...Maybe George Bush Junior is explaining his upcoming plans to incinerate two whole towers-full of people?


Nixon initiated the covert, Nazi, chemical-killing-strategy, and then Reagan signed The Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 87 (PDMA). And with the new scarcity of non-addictive, legal mental escape (such as marijuana), their customers now flock to doctors for their new 'medicine.' (The Great Wall of Mexico should do a good job of stopping what's left of that, though.)



Opium In Disguise
If you unmask all of these villains you will find that the drug companies simply push around the molecules of a pretty little flower. Pharma changes the names of its toxin (Opium) for public confusion, to make the poisons more and more addictive, and for patenting purposes to corner the modern opium market. These are all just fancy labels for addictive, deadly opium which has been chemically-altered in ways which make the flower's toxin even more addictive to humans for profit. The price for a small measure of legal escape, from pain or otherwise, is indeed a curse which itself is inescapable.

Since our government won’t tell you the truth about this poison—I will. Here is a very simple way to remember all of the over-complicated information that I just explained. In case I lost you; it's this simple:

Witch I Opium: is addictive, will ruin your life, and ultimately kill you dead no matter how pretty this ugly, old whore is dressed!

Witch II Heroin’s Evil Cousins: Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Opana, Percocet, Percodan, Hydrocodone, Vicodin, Dilaudid, Codeine, Morphine, Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, Tramadol, Hydromorphone, Darvocet, Loritab, Lorcet, Fentanyl, Desomorphine, Russian Krokodil, and all of the other opiates and opiate-based miracle cures which we can “barely pronounce,” are just opium in different dress.

Doctors continue to hand out all of Heroin’s more-addictive legal cousins like candy, disguised as medicine and miracle addiction cures, under all of those other assumed names which "we can barely pronounce." Let us face it—Bayer’s safer anti-addictive product, "Heroin," is now disguised and legally dealt in far more dangerous forms by our government, doctors, and pharmacies. Even if those involved in these fiasco only proclaim to be guilty through laziness or ignorance in the stead of bribery or willful blindness; it is all the same. The people who we pay and trust to protect us, should protect us.

So, it’s true, Morphine and Heroin set the table for subsequent opiates such as Methadone, Oxycontin, and now Suboxone goes on the list of dress-up Opium to enjoy stunning, and lucrative acting careers as anti-addiction medications, when they themselves are the most addictive opiates technology could offer their eras.

The table on which the shell game is played just has become far more-cluttered, the name of the same poisons change, and there are many more thugs on their payrolls. So many, in fact, that the Evil Empire has now become a critical cornerstone of the American economy; we are indeed financially addicted to the cyclical: Great American Opium Dynasties of the corporate modern era, and the death, destruction and jail time in their wake. There are estimates as high as a quarter trillion dollars per year for the damage caused by this manmade scourge.

Okay, okay, just one more dirty little secret....Guess who unlawfully prohibited marijuana? You guessed it, that son-of-a-bitch, dope-dealing Delano's Grandson, FDR. By illegalizing the all-natural, not acutely addictive painkiller, marijuana, FDR forced American citizens into his new medical dope game or alcoholism—two very evil and ugly habits—two of the three most deadly habits in the United States.


Legal opiates have now outpaced car-wrecks in mortality rate, and alcohol quadruples that. Smoking, of course, is the number one killer. It takes nearly a half-million lives per year. And, as we all know, cigs are not addictive at all, and have so many medical benefits—sarcasm. (DEA's two qualifications for a Schedule I illegal drug.) The cures to addiction remain Schedule I next to marijuana.

Warren Delano supplemented his illegal dope game with supplying Opium for the production of pharmaceutical painkillers, namely Morphine, for the American Civil War. News Bulletin: The FDA was also signed into place by one of Delano's clan, Teddy Roosevelt. We must stop the Great American Opium Wars of The 21st Century!

The real purpose for the United States Government's illegal, unconstitutional schedule I list is this....These drugs have a high probability of cutting into the profits of all of these monsters disguised as healers, care-takers, public servants, and addiction specialists. The FDA turns a blind eye to these evil, time-honored traditions—they and many other US agencies have become pay windows for the mob—highly organized racketeering.


Many of these monsters aren't even aware of their dirty deeds because of the epic feces storm of lies, confusion and misplaced trust surrounding this massive industry. In America, less than a handful of people have ever been arrested for possession of the instant cure for the opiate plague, and stadium loads of Americans continue to die of their corporate diseases, disorders and party-favors, each year.

No one has ever credibly linked a single death to the use of Marijuana which is an all-natural, miracle pain reliever. It now tops the DEAs Scheduling-list of illegal drugs. Meanwhile, almost 19,000 people die each year of their legal poison, which is schedule II when possessed illegally. Prescription painkillers kill more people than Heroin and Cocaine combined, both schedule I drugs.


Alcoholism kills 88,000 people a year and we clink our glasses and chest bump during the Super Bowl when Bud Light wins the Bud Bowl. Alcohol companies pay Washington handsomely to protect their advertising privileges, and to keep their distribution territories intact. We must stop believing all of these evil monsters' lies; and, give our people safer ways in which to escape pain and sometimes even life, legally.


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