Well, if you have wondered these things, you're not alone. What if I told you that ALL of these questions share the same common answer?...an evil family who farms, enslaves and kills human beings (throughout time) for money, fame and power? What if I told you that every single president of the United States is related to the same common ancestor?  What if I told you that the George Bush Family were the major instigators for every major world conflict for the last thousand years, at minimum? And what if America's 'Prescription Medicines' were actually intentional poisoning, just like Hitler did? Suppose our government were hiding the cure to opiate addiction...I know it sounds bizarre, I thought so too, until I REALIZED THAT IT WAS ALL TRUE, WHICH IS WHEN IT SCARED THE DEVIL OUT OF ME.

Judah is a Two-Time National Science Foundation Award-Winning Author and researcher, who also wanted the answers to the questions above; but for him, he thought it was an enigmatic futility. Well, he was wrong: he accidentally stumbled onto a benign looking, two-hundred-year-old 'Little Book' which held the keys to the answers of ALL of the questions above AND MUCH MORE!....The 'Little Book' was of very limited production, and was only intended for the eyes of the Royal Family (for obvious reasons). But, it must have been mindlessly scanned and uploaded to the international digital archive, on the World Wide Web.

Believe it or not, these bloodlines connect the Freemasons to The Order of Skull and Bones, to the Jesuits, to the Papacy, to the Knights Templar, to the Vikings, and it even leads back to the 'Tribe of Dan' from the Bible! Apocalyptic Bible prophecy states that the 'Tribe of Dan' is the bloodline which will produce 'The Antichrist.' This isn't a Bible study, per say, so don't worry. The Bible must be mentioned in order to tell this story, however, because this evil family worships the dark one therein, and holds those accounts dear.

Not only did this 'Little Book' connect these evildoers, but it also shares the secret accounts of some of the most despicable men in their bloodline. Now, Judah will share these stories with you.   

Join him on a journey out of the land of the deceived and into the tiny club who are aware of the esoteric 'Knowledge of Good and Evil'! To read more about this journey - to read SEVERAL FREE CHAPTERS - of the research which changed every aspect of his life, click here!

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The Book You've Been Waiting For!

The Knowledge

                                               —Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals— 

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                                                      Have you ever wondered...

- Where did the slaves come from?

- Who profited from slavery?

- Where are those families now?

- Who started the Civil War?

- Who are the 'Freemasons' and 'The Knights


- What really happened during the Crusades?

- What is the real 'Holy Grail?

- What is 'The Order of Skull and Bones'?

- What happened to the 'Viking's?

- How were humans 'scattered' across the earth?

- Who killed Lincoln, Kennedy, and Mckinley?

- Is there really a 'shadow government'?

- Why are we so enthralled with Ancient Egypt?     

- Where did the word 'Nazi' come from?

- Who eradicated the American Indians?

- Why does the U.S. use 80% of the world's opiates?

- Is the government hiding an overnight cure for

   opiate addiction?