The touted cure is a root bark shaved from the base of a shrub called Iboga; it's indigenous to French Equatorial Africa.  The cure, Iboga, or Ibogaine as the rest of the world knows it, can come with a 72 hour visionary experience and is highly illegal in the United States.  Usually a reserved and conservative businessman, that has all changed since the Author has now found his life spinning out of control.  Tim's legal source for opiates has been suddenly interrupted, forcing Tim's hand into this amazing, international, inter-personal and inter-cosmic journey, where he may get far more than he's bargained for.

Join Tim on his quest which will give you answers about, and a unique insight into the American pill epidemic.  Beware, this book might just change who you blame for little Bobby's pill or heroin problem and could make you question, well....everything!  

     "Never in a million lifetimes did I ever imagine myself as a junkie.  After finding myself addicted to opiates, I certainly didn't think that I'd go around sharing that fact with anyone who'd listen.  But, this series of events was so bizarre, and so beyond belief, that I found myself with no choice.  I hope you enjoy my new book, The Windows Of Reality, as much as I enjoyed writing it!" 

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About The Author

Timothy Allen Zigler is a two-time National Science Foundation Award-winning American Author.  A writer of scientific proposals in the field of biotechnology, Tim changed his writing focus after his savage opiate addiction to doctor prescribed painkillers sent him on a desperate trip to Mexico (with no passport) while looking for a little known cure.