The Illegal Cure for Pill and Heroin Addiction Exposed

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Article 1: 'The Cure'


In the little time I spent in Narcotics Anonymous, the first thing I learned was:

"Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery."


             Well, in the unforgettable….paraphrased words of a great American astronaut:
                                                  "Houston, WE have a problem."

                                                              Jack Swigert


-A Real Painless Overnight-Cure to Opiate Addiction-

Believe it or not, I painlessly got clean from opiates, virtually overnight, in a basement near Tijuana, Mexico. On February 2014, I will have been 'clean' for 3 years - I was addicted for ten.


The method I used was a psychedelic root bark called Ibogaine, which grows at the base of a shrub from Gabon, Africa - a right of passage for the Bwiti tribe. It was the most beautiful miracle in the world. There were visions of biblical magnitude that all had to do with my life in one way or the other. And as time went by, instead of them fading away, they’d become more pronounced, solidifying the lessons that they’d taught me.


I spent the balance of that single week getting massages, doing yoga, I had my teeth drilled with no anesthetic, and then just tooled around the city of “TJ” with the guys. I wasn’t on a single chemical substance after a decade of reckless drug abuse! It was a hoot! No rehab, no scrubbing toilets with toothbrushes, no crying family, no disease, no cravings. I was just….done.


It was like a science-fiction movie but my friend it wasn’t; it was all real. I used over fourteen-hundred Oxy-pills that last month alone, along with some heroin. I'm sure you will find this hard to believe, but I never tapered a milligram. In fact, I went on quite the bon-voyage bender the week prior.


My daughter’s best friend has an older brother who has been in “rehab” for nearly a year and is still not, “ready.” Her girlfriend is getting dressed for school with her, as I write, because her parents are staring at him through a one-way mirror. Face-to-face contact is strictly prohibited. Her brother has a shaved head and has become a man through that piece of chicken-wire-reenforced glass in Utah.


There is no sense of betrayal (by your country) like coming-to in a Tijuana basement completely healed of the 'disease' of addiction, after a decade of savage opiate abuse. I was once again my familiar old-self after arriving home from Tijuana (only a week later), and I had questions. And if you found yourself on this webpage, I am guessing that you too are seeking answers.


'Bill Wilson,' founder of AA who wrote the 12 steps (the first of which is the quote that started this essay), also got clean and sober through the use of a psychedelic plant - Belladonna. Later in his career, Bill recommended the use of LSD for the use of rehabilitating hopeless drinkers. Doctors who conducted  controlled experiments with LSD for the treatment of alcoholism (before it was banned) reported success rates as high as 59%, which is far better than that of traditional methods of recovery (Link).


Bill himself ingested a hit of "Acid" with famous Author Aldous Huxley who penned the classic, 'The Doors of Perception.' The book for which Jim Morison named his band, "The Doors." The book was about a strange encounter the Author had had while under the influence of the taboo miracle addiction drug, LSD. The feature book for this website, 'The Windows of Reality,' is wordplay on the same title.


"Bill" became an alien to his own program when news of his use of the substance broke. Bill had suggested in "the rooms" that the drug LSD could be used to promote the "spiritual experience" that had "saved" his "life." The "spiritual experience" is shamelessly promoted by Alcoholics Anonymous. But what most don't know, is the spiritual experience which had inspired 'Bill' to write that into the program in the first place, had been inspired by the psychedelic plant which had "saved his life."


If you find this story hard to believe, I don't blame you..I did too...It sounds bizarre, but get this: The cure to alcohol addiction was on the front page of the New York Times well over a hundred years ago (Link). The doctor who had promoted the cure to alcoholism was no hack, he was Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's personal doctor.


​So it is true, the cures for all addiction are highly illegal in the United States of America.


Click HERE to read essay 2, which unveils the 200+ year-old, Great American Dope-Scam which most likely took the life of someone you love.​ And if you found yourself on this site, it likely has enslaved you or a loved one too. You won't believe how simple it is.


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